Impact Covers Your Custom Hospitality Needs


Your business tirelessly caters to others. 

You accommodate special food requests, leave welcome notes in each room, and make sure your guests enjoy the best overall experience. 

But you deserve impeccable service, too.

Providing hospitality routinely and exceptionally requires support from business partners with equally tailored expertise and commitment. 

Impact supports the hospitality industry with unique, customizable products that make brands stand out and guests feel valued. These products are available at Impact Covers and Impact Brass under one company umbrella. 

We know your business exceeds when your patrons feel like V.I.P.’s. That positive experience creates a lasting impression and a lifelong customer.

The same goes for surrounding guests with quality, well-designed hospitality products. They feel in good hands and can taste the luxury. 

We aim to enhance their experience by providing you the same dedication—along with a mix of our own skill and artistry.

Let Us Serve You

Excellent hospitality lies in the details. 

A keen eye for design, savvy innovation, and sharp awareness of customers’ desires make your brand la crème de la crème. Guests are privileged to stay at your hotel and eat at your restaurant. 

And believe us, they will know. 

But you need help pulling this off. It can’t be faked. It takes a diligent team-effort.

We know the best representation and brand advertisement isn’t about how many times your name is printed in the hotel lobby or how many places your logo appears in your restaurant. It’s not based on appearances alone. 

It’s about substance.

It’s how your logo is presented, like the material you use for your branded coasters and the sleek, artisan design of newly minted, metal menu covers. It can be a custom check presenter as unique as it is practical. 

You need a company that specializes in these elements, making your brand a better version of itself. 

And, you can focus on serving knowing you’ll be equally well-served. 

We’ll Make All the Accommodations 

We don’t just provide what you need; we can customize it to your every whim. 

Our job is to listen carefully to your requests and understand what makes your hospitality brand unique.

If you can even vaguely visualize the unique product you’d like to create, we can take it from there. This product won’t be found anywhere else or associated with any other brand. 

A majority of other companies don’t have the time or resources to create uniquely shaped menu covers, custom hotel luggage carts, or quality, wooden ice buckets, for starters. 

They’ll likely buy ordinary crowd control stanchions, key cards, and hotel clipboards.

But when they skimp out on high-quality products like these, or even accessories like leather guest directory covers and branded guest books, they’re buying products that scream, “I’m cheap!”

Our products, conversely, look professional and are built to last. They better withstand guest handling and abuse. They gently whisper, “You’re a valued patron.” 

We Have the Solutions

In our effort to best assist our customers, we take time to answer your questions and concerns. We know how much is at stake with every step you take. 

Creating the ideal, customized products for your hotel or restaurant requires that personalized attention. 

So, you do you: keep the lobby sparkling clean, hire the best chefs for room service, and perfect your restaurant’s wine list. 

But, let us do the rest. We’ll design the products that sparkle, impress, and last.  

We’re ready to serve.