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CUSTOMIZING: Ideas for customizing your bellman carts, luggage trolleys, bell carts, hotel bellman carts, and luggage carts.

Your bellman carts, luggage carts, bell carts, and holel bellman carts can be customized to your specifications.


You can add a top shelf to your bellman cart to hold smaller packages such as a camera case, binders, small boxes. Side rails will prevent suitcases, shopping bags, grocery bags, etc. from falling off of your bellman cart, or luggage cart. Your bellman cart and bell cart can be sized to accommodate small hallways, small elevator doors, or small storage rooms.


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Customize your Stanchions: Stanchions can be made with several base types, and a wide selection of rope and belt colors. Belts for the retractable belt stanchions can be screened with your name or logo. Impact's stanchions can be customized for height, athough height customization should not interfere with stanchion stability.

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