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Impact Brass’ customization for its bellcarts, sign stands, menu stands, and crowd control products has grown to include metal finishes, powder-coated colors, and for bellcarts, wheel types, customized shelving, removable side bars, engraved finials, and carpet colors.

We have established an international reputation for our custom-sized bellman carts and have shipped these to our domestic and overseas customers requiring smaller sizes for narrower hallways, smaller elevator doors, and smaller storage closets. 


 Custom Sized Bellcarts  Custom Sized Sign Stands and Menu Stands


 Custom Sized Crowd Control Products

Five Diamond Bell Carts



Impact’s new Five-Diamond Bellman Carts have been

redesigned to provide a more sophisticated and unique look

 coupled with added strength. Impacts New ‘Paris Parallel Rail’

construction of these bell carts allows for even distribution of

 weight for hanging items. It eliminates the central stress point

 found in the ‘criss-cross’ design of some hotel luggage cart



This beautiful and strong frame of these bell carts is constructed

 with 2” O.D. solid brass tubing and components, with the option

 of stainless steel and stainless steel components.




All Five Diamond Bell Carts Fully Customizable

5dcbsmImpacts Five Diamond Bellman carts can be customized to your specifications. Most hotel luggage cart customization is at no additional charge.

• CARPET: Wide choice of colors, or supply your own carpet for your bell carts to match your hotels interior.

• SIZE:We will build the hotel luggage cart to your specific dimensions at no additional charge. Have your
bellman carts built to fit into a particular storage closet, or one that will easily move through narrow doorways... or accommodate other specific needs you may have for your bell carts.


5dsvsm CUSTOM FEATURES :You can have additional rods added to your bellman carts for more hanger space, additional posts or bars placed at the ends of the bell carts to prevent items from falling off during transport, or hooks and ropes for the added convenience of securing the hotel luggage cart to a wall or door.

We will engrave your logo and/or company name on the phinial (ball decoration) of the hotel luggage cart for a small additional charge.

• METAL: You have a choice of the highest quality metals and finishes for your
bell carts.- Solid Brass - polished or satin finish - Stainless Steel - polished or satin finish - Chromed Brass (not steel) - polished or satin finish.


• Delivery of these
bellman carts
will be made within 3 - 4 weeks from receipt of Purchase Order
• Eliminating central stress point of the bell carts prevents unwanted breakage under heavy loads
• The added strength and durability will add longer life to your Bellman carts



Custom Bellman Carts, Stanchions, Menu Stands :

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Impact Brass, a certified Woman Business Enterprise, supplies the hospitality industry with high quality and CUSTOMIZED Brass and Stainless Steel Bellman Carts, Luggage Carts, and Bell Carts together with Sign Stands, Stanchions (both Posts & Ropes and Retractable Belt Stanchions).  Superior construction, attractive designs, and customization make Impact's products a natural choice.
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Impact Brass will customize our brass and stainless steel bellman carts to your size specifications at no additional cost. Your bell carts and luggage carts can be sized for smaller hallways, smaller elevator doors, or smaller storage spaces. A wide selection of carpet colors are available for these carts, or we will use a carpet that you supply at no additional cost. Poweder coated finishes are available, as well as custom sidebars, custom shelves, and wheel options. Our bellman carts are manufactured with superior welded joints for added durability.

Impact Brass will also customize its brass and stainless steel stanchions, posts & ropes, retractable belt stanchions, menu stands, and other custom display stands. All powder coated finishes are also available for these stanchions and menu stands.



Impact Enterprises Brass& Stainless Collection

Most Bellman Carts & Products Are Customizable With Little Or No Cost


Impact Brass has been servicing the hospitality industry since 1987. We are a manufacturer, distributor and designer of bellman carts, bell carts, baggage carts and hotel luggage carts. We offer unsurpassed customer service, the highest quality bellman carts products and services available in the hospitality industry. Our custom products including our baggage carts and hotel luggage carts are in some of the world’s finest hotels, casinos, restaurants, resorts, and private clubs. Impact works with a wide variety and range of materials so that we can create unique bellman carts and products to compliment your establishments’ image and stay within your budget guidelines. We have over 40 years of hospitality experience with offices in New York and Las Vegas.

When customizing our Five Diamond bellman carts, most customizations are at no additional charge. You will choose carpet type, size, custom features, personalization, metal type and finish for your hotel luggage carts. Contact either Impact's New York office or its Las Vegas office, and prepare yourself for some very exciting options. We look forward to working with you regarding your need for bellman carts, bell carts, baggage carts and hotel luggage carts.





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