Posts & Ropes - Crowd Control
Posts & Ropes - Crowd Control

Posts & Ropes - Crowd Control

Impact Brass post & ropes, stanchions, and crowd control products are internationally recognized as superior products. These crowd control and public area products are solid brass tubing with exterior finishes that include polished brass, chrome, and powder coated colors; stainless steel stanchions are also available. Whether the product be brass crowd control, silver colored or chrome stanchions, or stainless steel public area products, Impact Brass will customize these for height, weight, type of top, type of base, and color. We specialize in custom crowd control products and will build the product to accommodate your needs. We offer custom retractable belt posts.

2" O.D. solid tubing in solid polished brass or satin stainless steel. Powder coating is also an option. 

Stanchion Features and Options

  1. Standard size vary depending on style of stanchion Custom sizes available.
  2. Weighted Bell Base is standard. Tapered or Flat Bases are optional
  3. Standard 2” O.D. Solid Polished Brass or Satin Stainless Steel Tubing is standard. Powder Coating is available as an option.
  4. Velour Ropes can be made any length (even 12” increments from one to 8 feet)
  5. Retractable Belts in red or black and Velour Ropes come in many colors.

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